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Tim (Scout Leader)


Having moved to Worcester very early on in my life, my Scouting career can roughly be summed up as "8th Worcester, 8th Worcester, 8th Worcester." Claines was the local group to me, and with my mother starting one of the Rainbow groups and then moving onto helping at Brownies, it was inevitable that I would end up there, especially since Joy (one of the Tiw leaders when Ian and I were there) had also helped to start the Rainbows group and her son was a friend of mine.

I started in Beavers (there was only one Beaver Colony at that time), then carried straight onto Cubs and Scouts. Once I reached the end of my time at Scouts I decided that I was going to be too busy at school to move onto Venture Scouts, something that I have since regretted since I wasn't. I left it a few years until I decided to investigate the possibilities of returning as a helper at Scouts.

I came back to Scouts originally as a helper when Dave and Jerry were still running the Troop. Then when first Jerry and then Dave left, leaving myself and Ian running things, I went into uniform, progressing to leader status.

8th Worcester Beavers, Friday (1990 - 1992)
8th Worcester Tiw Cubs (1992 - 1994)
8th Worcester Friday Scouts (1994 - 1999)
Adult Helper (Friday Scouts) (returned 2001)
Assistant Scout Leader (Friday Scouts) (warrent issued 2007)
Scout Leader (Friday Scouts) (2017 onwards)

I've been involved in Scouting for most of my life now, enjoying myself thoroughly in the process and getting a lot out of it.

Simon Burney (Leader)


Having helped out as a parent in 2016 I joined the troop as a new full leader in 2017.

I really enjoyed Scouting as a Cub, Scout and then Venture Scout so I thought I'd get involved again.

I am married to Sarah, a father of two, and live locally in Claines. My son is currently a patrol leader in the troop.

In my spare time I am a member of a local Canoe/Kayak club and enjoy hiking, camping and the great outdoors. I am also in further leader training to get to the "wood badge" standard.

For me it is about having fun where Scouts learn new things by doing them, not realizing they are learning, developing and taking new responsibilities.